Workshop #6 on Final Design, Monitoring and Mobility on 4-5 May 2017 in Paris

On 4-5 May 2017, LGI, COWI and AffaldVarmeAarhus hosted WP1 workshop #6 at a meeting facility close to LGI’s headquarters in Paris. The topic of the workshop was “Final design, Monitoring and Mobility”. See link for agenda and presentations below.

The agenda was

Thursday 4th May 2017

  1. Information from project coordinator
  2. Aarhus – Single-family house renovation and DH demonstration
  3. Final design on Dept. 20 Ringgaarden
  4. Heating and electrical installations in Dept. 20 Ringgaarden
  5. Mobility management in Aarhus
  6. Strategic plan on EV charging in Växjö
  7. Final design on demonstration buildings in Växjö
  8. “One-stop-shop” on energy refurbishment
  9. “Interface of Life”, user interface and user behaviour
  10. Monitoring workshop

Friday 5th May

  1. Advanced training programme
  2. Latest communication activities
  3. Presentation of work on behavioural campaign, task 8.9
  4. New from latest conference (Energy Cities in Stuttgart)
  5. Site visit


  1. Introduction
  2. Status on single family house renovation and DH demonstration
  3. Status on Housing Association Ringgaarden
  4. Ringgarden Heating installations
  5. Ringgaarden Electrical installations
  6. EV charging strategy
  7. Växjö final design on demonstration building
  8. One-stop-shop business model for energy renovation of detached houses
  9. Interface of Life
  10. Advanced training programme of smart cities development
  11. Dissemination activities
  12. Alabastern – Households’ energy consumption behaviour in rental appartments
  13. Energy Cities annual assembly