Deliverables WP 4

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 D4.1.1 Report on feasibility of PVT including recommendations for installation and final design note Completed Restricted
 D4.2.1 Report on benefits of application of batteries Completed Restricted
 D4.2.2 Prototype of a battery pack unit based on batteries including charge controller Completed Restricted
 D4.2.3 Result note on pilot test of battery pack solution Completed Restricted
 D4.2.4 Final design note of battery pack solution for demonstration and the integration with an energy system with a high amount of renewables Completed Restricted
 D4.3.1 Report, consisting of final design notes and business models for remotely controlled EV charging spots – for intelligent charging of electrical vehicles and balancing on the electricity market and grid stabilisation  Completed Restricted
 D4.4.1 Report , including final design notes of integrated power hub solutions for buildings and the energy system Completed Restricted
 D4.5.1 Report recommending solutions for ancillary services by district heating systems (production and supply) and their system value Discontinued  Discontinued
 D4.6.1 Report on models for mobility management Completed Public
 D4.6.2 Strategic plan on EV charging infrastructure in Växjö Completed Public
 D4.7.1 Report on three mature proofs of concepts for innovative technologies for energy system of the future, ready for demonstration Completed Restricted