Deliverables WP 2

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D2.1.1 Simulation and LCC assessments – decision note on design options Completed Restricted 
D2.1.2 Input to final design and methods used as specification to tender documents for retrofit Completed Restricted
D2.2 Decision report for housing companies on solar and storage solutions Completed Restricted
D2.3 Market & technical status report on heat driven appliances Completed Public
D2.4.1 Description of concepts on resource efficient homes and kitchens Completed Restricted
 D2.4.3 Feasibility study of food waste disposers from households Completed Restricted
 D2.5 Pilot for multifamily building unit for heat recovery Completed Restricted
 D2.6 Pilot for ICT/Smart TV solution + decision report for housing companies on ICT/Smart TV solutions Completed Restricted