List of deliverables

 No Deliverable Status  Link
D1.1 Input to inception report  Completed Confidential
D1.2 Establishing of internal knowledge sharing entry on project webpage Completed This website
D1.2.1 Workshop 1. results and findings  Completed Restricted
D1.2.2 Workshop 2. results and findings  Completed Restricted
D1.2.3 Workshop 3. results and findings  Completed Link
D1.2.4 Workshop 4. results and findings  Completed Restricted
D1.2.5 Workshop 5. results and findings
D1.2.6 Workshop 6. results and findings
D1.2.7 Decision note regarding use of sustainable community development certification schemes
D2.1.1 Simulation and LCC assessments – decision note on design options  In progress Restricted
D2.1.2 Input to final design and methods used as specification to tender documents for retrofit
D2.2 Decision report for housing companies on solar and storage solutions  Completed Restricted
D2.3 Market & technical status report on heat driven appliances  Completed  Link
D2.4.1 Description of concepts on resource effective homes and kitchens  Completed Restricted
 D2.4.3 Feasibility study of food waste disposers from households  Completed  Restricted
 D2.5 Pilot for multifamily building unit for heat recovery
 D2.6 Pilot for ICT/Smart TV solution + decision report for housing companies on ICT/Smart TV solutions Restricted
 D3.1.1 Report describing the feasibility of heat recovery from waste water, PVT and heat storage in multi-family buildings and recommendations for demonstration including final design notes  In progress Public
 D3.1.2 Report on feasibility of the investigated technologies for utilising surplus heat from industry  Restricted
 D3.1.3 Design note for implementing ORC technology
 D3.2.1 Report with design notes on low-temperature district heating consumer substations for demonstration in multi- and single-family buildings  In progress  Restricted
 D3.2.2 Report describing energy system benefits of low-temperature district heating  In progress  Restricted
 D3.3.1 Guidelines for smart metering implementation and data collection for use in DH system optimization  Public
 D3.3.2 Documentation of model development for optimised DH network operation based on smart metering data
  D3.4.1 Report with design notes and analysis of District Cooling (DC) demonstration projects in Växjö  Restricted
 D3.4.2 Report describing the innovative solutions for DC developed and proposed for the district in Aarhus
 D3.4.3 Report describing the dissemination case study featuring the city of Kaunas
 D.3.5.1 Report describing the outcome of task 3.4.1-3.4.3 in relation to analysis of innovation level and suggestions for improvements in demonstration projects
 D3.5.2 Report describing the concept for holistic design of integrated energy systems for high performance-energy districts
 D3.5.3 Report describing the replication pilot for holistic design of integrated energy systems in Kaunas
 D3.5.4 Ph.D. thesis on pricing
 D3.5.6 Ph.D. thesis on optimization of building retrofit in an integrated energy system based on renewable energy
 D3.5.5 Ph.D. thesis on consumer incitements to be flexible in consumption patterns and the consequence of this on future renewable energy-based supply systems.
 D4.1.1 Report on feasibility of PVT including recommendations for installation and final design note  Completed Restricted
 D4.2.1 Report on benefits of application of batteries
 D4.2.2 Prototype of a battery pack unit based on batteries including charge controller
 D4.2.3 Result note on pilot test of battery pack solution
 D4.2.4 Final design note of battery pack solution for demonstration and the integration with an energy system with a high amount of renewables
 D4.3.1 Report, consisting of final design notes and business models for remotely controlled EV charging spots – for intelligent charging of electrical vehicles and balancing on the electricity market and grid stabilisation
 D4.4.1 Report , including final design notes of integrated power hub solutions for buildings and the energy system
 D4.5.1 Report recommending solutions for ancillary services by district heating systems (production and supply) and their system value
 D4.6.2 Strategic plan on EV charging infrastructure in Växjö
 D4.6.1 Report on models for mobility management
 D4.7.1 Report on three mature proofs of concepts for innovative technologies for energy system of the future, ready for demonstration
 D5.1.1 Documentation of performed refurbishment – hand-out certificate
 D5.2.1 Documentation of demonstration of waste water heat recovery by heat pump, installation manholes
D5.2.2 Documentation of demonstration of PVT systems
 D5.3.1 Documentation of large-scale demonstration of low-temperature district heating supply and consumer units (district heating substations and flat stations)
 D5.3.2 Documentation of smart DH metering: DH distribution optimisation and consumer engagement
 D5.4.1 Documentation of renewable district heat production by a large-scale heat pump and integration of DH and renewable electricity systems, including ancillary services – hand out certificates
 D5.5.1 Documentation of use of 2nd life batteries and the integration with an energy system with a high amount of renewables
 D5.5.2 Documentation of EV battery charging demonstration
 D5.5.3 Documentation of Power Hub implementation for balancing energy demand and supply
D5.6.1 Documentation of implementation of different mobility solutions, such as car-pooling including electric vehicles and their charging
 D5.7.1 Note on food waste disposers pilot
D6.1.1 Report on energy performance of the project in close collaboration with WP7
 D6.2 Report on energy performance of the project in close collaboration with WP7
 D6.3  Report on energy performance of the project in close collaboration with WP7
 D6.4 Report on energy performance of the project in close collaboration with WP7
 D6.5 Report on energy performance of the project in close collaboration with WP7
 D6.6 Behavioural campaign  in close collaboration with WP5
 D6.7 Updated Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) for Växjö and Kaunas WP6
 D6.8 Documentation of implementation of EV charging infrastructure
 D7.1 Report on city strategies and related performance indicators including future demand and supply scenarios  Completed
 D7.2 Report on the existing operational monitoring and data processing plans for the demonstration projects and common monitoring procedure  Completed  Confidential
 D7.3 Report on the evaluation of the operational monitoring data of the demonstration projects
  D7.4 Report on the strategic development and possibly policy measures related to Aarhus and Växjö and the assessment of the  possible future impact of the demonstration projects
 D8.1 Open innovation website  Completed Link
 D8.2 Innovation management achievements report
 D8.3 Market assessment for READY set of solutions  In progress Confidential
 D8.4 Green business model options for READY solutions
 D8.5 Replicability assessment for READY solutions
 D8.6 READY Project Communication and Dissemination Action Plan  Completed Confidential
 D8.7 READY project public website  Completed This website
 D8.8 READY behavioural campaign for energy efficiency and smart living solutions module & report
 D8.9 READY Training module for the advanced training programme and report
 D9.1 Project portal  Completed READY Project Ste (Restricted access)
 D9.2 Kick off meeting  Completed Restricted

Pictures from Kick-off meeting

 D9.3.1 Global Quality Management Plan  Completed Restricted access
 D9.3.2 Inception report including cost statements  In progress
 D9.3.3 1st Progress/Intermediate report including cost statements  In progress
 D9.3.4 2nd Progress/Intermediate report including cost statements
 D9.3.5 3rd Progress/Intermediate report including cost statements
 D9.3.6 Final report including cost statements