Deliverables WP 3

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 D3.1.1 Report describing the feasibility of heat recovery from waste water, PVT and heat storage in multi-family buildings and recommendations for demonstration including final design notes Completed Public
 D3.1.2 Report on feasibility of the investigated technologies for utilising surplus heat from industry Completed Restricted 
 D3.1.3 Design note for implementing ORC technology Complteted Restricted
 D3.2.1 Report with design notes on low-temperature district heating consumer substations for demonstration in multi- and single-family buildings Completed Restricted
 D3.2.2 Report describing energy system benefits of low-temperature district heating Completed Restricted
 D3.3.1 Guidelines for smart metering implementation and data collection for use in DH system optimization Completed Public
 D3.3.2 Documentation of model development for optimised DH network operation based on smart metering data  Completed Restricted
  D3.4.1 Report with design notes and analysis of District Cooling (DC) demonstration projects in Växjö Completed Restricted
 D3.4.2 Report describing the innovative solutions for DC developed and proposed for the district in Aarhus Completed Restricted 
 D3.4.3 Report describing the dissemination case study featuring the city of Kaunas
 D.3.5.1 Report describing the outcome of task 3.4.1-3.4.3 in relation to analysis of innovation level and suggestions for improvements in demonstration projects
 D3.5.2 Report describing the concept for holistic design of integrated energy systems for high performance-energy districts Completed Restricted
 D3.5.3 Report describing the replication pilot for holistic design of integrated energy systems in Kaunas
 D3.5.4 Ph.D. thesis on pricing
 D3.5.6 Ph.D. thesis on optimization of building retrofit in an integrated energy system based on renewable energy
 D3.5.5 Ph.D. thesis on consumer incitements to be flexible in consumption patterns and the consequence of this on future renewable energy-based supply systems.