Implementing ORC / wasted heat recovery technology

This report describe a technique of utilising wasted heat from a customer building, which utilize the building as a cooling storage. The purpose of this deliverable is to describe the design of how one can utilise wasted heat from a cooling system and at the same time supply the district heating network.

Within the READY project a sub-task was to demonstrate an ORC technology for production of heat from secondary heat sources when electricity price is low and production of electricity from primary heat sources when electricity prices are high. Due to the drastic change in electricity price in Sweden (very low prices), it is not economically viable to implement a combined ORC/heat pump solution. Further the (only) company that could deliver the equipment has become bankrupt. Instead the chosen solution for decentralized renewable energy an efficient alternative solution of waste heat recovery will be used, which will have demonstrative impact on both the cooling and heating in an innovative way. Moreover, with this technique, one can efficiently utilize the wasted heat from the cooling system. Heat pumps will increase the temperature of the wasted heat from the cooling machines, further, they will supply heat to disburden the district heating network in the area.

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Delivery no. D.3.1.3 Design note for implementing ORC / wasted heat recovery technology
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