Deliverables WP 5

 No Deliverable Status  Link
 D5.1.1 Documentation of performed refurbishment – hand-out certificate
 D5.2.1 Documentation of demonstration of waste water heat recovery by heat pump, installation manholes
D5.2.2 Documentation of demonstration of PVT systems
 D5.3.1 Documentation of large-scale demonstration of low-temperature district heating supply and consumer units (district heating substations and flat stations)
 D5.3.2 Documentation of smart DH metering: DH distribution optimisation and consumer engagement
 D5.4.1 Documentation of renewable district heat production by a large-scale heat pump and integration of DH and renewable electricity systems, including ancillary services – hand out certificates
 D5.5.1 Documentation of use of 2nd life batteries and the integration with an energy system with a high amount of renewables
 D5.5.2 Documentation of EV battery charging demonstration
 D5.5.3 Documentation of Power Hub implementation for balancing energy demand and supply
D5.6.1 Documentation of implementation of different mobility solutions, such as car-pooling including electric vehicles and their charging Completed Link
 D5.7.1 Note on food waste disposers pilot