Courtesy of E.ON

Large EU-project paves the way for electric cars in Aarhus

Courtesy of Landsbyggefonden

The fight against the cost of heat and electricity with free solar power

New solar PV catches 90% of the solar energy.

Courtesy of Lulu Grønlund

Solar Photovoltaic and bigger appartments: Trigeparket must be modern

Courtesy of Boligforeningen Ringgarden

The climate on the agenda: Here the future green energy is tested

Courtesy of Aarhus Municipality

Free of coal – and then what ? (Danish only)
By Aarhus Municipality, Annual Magasine on climate action 2016




Courtesy of Gregers Tycho

It will be like moving into an new apartment (Danish only)
By Oscar Sarco, 2 March 2017





Courtesy of IISD

Green Business Models: The Key Enabler for Smart Cities in Europe
By Soraya Molinero, Innovation Strategy Consultant, LGI Consulting, 31 January 2017



Courtesy of RACell
Courtesy of RACell

READY Project Uses Innovative Photovoltaic Modules Developed by the Danish Company RACell
By Max Blöchle, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, 30 May 2016



READY for energy renovation
By Kirsten Dyhr-Mikkelsen, READY-kooridnator, AffaldVarme Aarhus, 28 October 2016



VaxjoKommunWorkshop at Växjö on the READY-project (Swedish only)
By Jan Johansson, 28. September 2016



Aarhus’ largest employer will be CO2-neutral in 2030 (Danish only)
By Center for Miljø og Energi, 28. October 2016

Aarhus-residential housing will be better than BR2020 (Danish Only)
3. December 2014

Aarhus tests new energy efficient solutions (Danish Only)
By Maria Berg Badstue Pedersen,

EU-millions for giant project (Danish Only)
By Klaus Eriksen, 7. December 2014

READY (Danish only)
By Nina Detlefsen, 31. December 2016