Ph.D. thesis on pricing

Foto: Lars Kruse, Aarhus University

District heating operators and production planners are faced with an increasing amount of
uncertainty in daily operations. Increasing penetration of renewable energy sources and stronger
coupling between the electricity sector and the heating sector are two major courses of uncertainty.
The aim of the Ph.D. thesis is to develop knowledge and tools for production planners and system
operators to quantify operational risk and make better decisions. The main focus of the work is on
applications of heat demand forecasting.

The thesis work was completed within the original: 01 May 2015 – 30 April 2018.
The mid term PhD defence was passed 28 October 2016.
The final defense was succesfully performed on 10. August 2018.
In addition to the thesis itself, another 8 formal publications have been published and several less
formal articles in e.g. newsletters locally and internationally.

Read the entire Deliverable D3.4.5 Ph.D. thesis on Pricing

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Delivery no. D.3.5.4 Ph.D. thesis on pricing – – Cost and risk assessment in DH systems – Applications of
heat demand forecasts
Please contact: Mrs. Kirsten Dyhr-Mikkelsen, Aarhus Municipality,