Mobility Management

The scope of the deliverable is to investigate possibilities for reduction of local transport and develop
models for mobility management in the smart city demonstration districts.

The deliverable “D4.6.1 – Report on models for mobility management” has three main objectives:
1. To describe in which mobility context, the mobility management models will be elaborated
2. To briefly describe the challenges in the EV markets in Denmark and Sweden
3. To provide an overview over mobility management models and measures to increase the use of

Both Aarhus and Växjö work to improve the mobility systems in the city, providing good mobility
options for the citizens and for the guests to the cities. Well aware, that the transport sector is also
being the biggest challenge to reach future climate targets, it is important to incorporate measures
that can support further up-take of EVs, although the possibilities for the cities are limited. This will
further be elaborated in this report.

The description of the EV market in Denmark and the faced challenges derives from READY deliverable
4.3.1, December 2016. It gives an insight in the market development, and why it, as the market
situation is at the moment, is necessary to look into the mobility management models described in
chapter four of this report.

The mobility management measures or models to increase EV mobility in the cities described in this
report can be divided in to the following topics:

  • Electrical Charging Stations
  • The municipal fleets
  • Car sharing models
  • Promotion of electrical bikes
  • Introduction of electric/hybrid buses in public transport

Some of the models are already in place in the cities some will be further investigated and potentially
be implemented as part of task 5.6 of this project.

Read the entire delivery report D.4.6.1 Report on models for mobility management

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Delivery: D4.6.1 – Report on models for mobility management
Please contact:  Mr. Gustav Friis,, Project Manager, Smart Mobilitet, Aarhus Municipality