Remotely controlled EV charging spots – for intelligent charging of electrical vehicles and balancing on the electricity market and grid stabilisation

E.ON has positioned the e-mobility effort in the business region of Aarhus by only implementing chargers that can be completely remotely controlled and thereby targeting future-proof solutions. This underlines the projects interest and visions for the future market having a large part of the project e-mobility activities within clean and sustainable energy and transportation, improving quality of life with the growing demands from megatrends such as urbanization.

The simple low-cost stand-alone chargers and related products/services were dominating the market and the business up through 2010 – 2014. Late 2014, a higher demand on more innovative products emerged, integrating customer needs and related flexible billing. The connected charger supports business models for flexible business models, with and without subscription and with different product related tariffs stretching from a flat fee model to various commodity based pricing. With the state-of-the art chargers for the READY project new business model innovation can be introduced to Aarhus Municipality, B2B end-users, B2C end-users etc.

An EV state-of-the art infrastructure with potential for intelligent charging has been implemented. The EV infrastructure volume comprises 208 public accessible chargepoints with 106 of these located centrally in Aarhus. The infrastructure implementation is aligned with Aarhus Municipality’s mobility strategy. However, a considerable challenge is that chargepoints are not available for EV users. ICE car owners illegally park at the one reserved EV parking place at each charging location, which has 4-6 EV charging places. Aarhus Municipality has started sending clear signals to ICE car owners but more effort is needed in order to allow EVs to park where the EV charging infrastructure is located. This is further seen as a requirement from EV carsharing companies if they should operate in the area.

The current measured results on a growth in charging/consumption of up to 50% in 2016 compared with 2015 is interesting results. However, we cannot know if these results reflect the real need or whether statistics might be lost in missing access to chargers. Based on recent EV user complaints from enthusiastic EV users, a test will soon be launched allowing two locations in Aarhus to reserve more EV spaces at the charging infrastructure which has been deployed during the READY project. This will help providing more insight into fact based needs of charging in the public parking areas in Aarhus.

Aarhus Municipality and E.ON will continue collaborating on finding good ways to communicate EV parking possibilities to users as well as capturing the usage of the parking spaces with EV infrastructure in the region.

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Delivery no D.4.3.1 Report with final design notes and business models for remotely controlled EV charging spots – for intelligent charging of electrical vehicles and balancing on the electricity market
and grid stabilisation
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