Solar and storage solutions in housing companies

The report summarize and describe the demonstration of the new industrial Combi PVT solar energy panels that will be demonstrated as part of READY. The panels produce both electricity and heat.

It is well-known that local solar electricity production may cause over-voltage problems in the distribution grids. This issue is analysed in detail in the context of multi-apartment buildings as the problem is more commonly discussed for single family houses. The analysis concluds that the issues are likely not to occur for multi-appartment buildings, making these well suited for solar electricity generation.

Heat generation from the solar panels can potentially be supplied to the district heating network. Here, three configurations with variying degree of network integration are discussed. However, due to low heat demands in summer, the advantage of network integration are most likely smaller than the additional investments required.

Finally, initial concepts for the anticipated demonstration projects are discussed. The report serves as input for the final decisions on the solar PVT demonstration projects.These decisions will primarily be made by the housing companies owning the multi-apartment buildings. Furthermore, parts of the report on electricity grid and district heating integration of solar energy may be made available to the general public in the form of scientific papers as they contain new knowledge in the field.

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Deliverable no. D.2.2 Decision report for housing companies on solar and storage solutions
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