ICT/Smart TV solutions

The work with refurbishing the apartments has started. In all refurbished apartments are optic fiber installed. Inside the apartments is a cupper network installed. Meters for electricity, hot and cold water is also installed for each apartment. The meters are connected to the system Iconics a cloud system on Microsoft Azure platform also used by another project within Smart Cities. Witch could be important if we can compare the results from this projects. The cloud solution enables visualization in app solutions.

The Linnéus University has started the research to find the right app solution. A pilot to a platform that enables to connect the apps to the TV-solution in each apartment are under development. No clear results has yet been demonstrated.

Wexnet have a dense fiber optical network and is investing heavily to reach all a households in the region. The fiber becomes a critical infrastructure for the local society. As Wexnet operates as an Open Service Exchange Operator all operators can offer service (via a neutral market place to the end users to choose from) based on these fiber infrastructure. The logical next step is to add powerful gigabit capable wireless and maintain the open business model. This way Wexnet can create a third level of added value (fiber (1), interface for all services (2). The main principle is to prove that the success full model of open fiber + the interface for all service can be maintained over the wireless infrastructure so that mobility is created as an equal service for all. With support for new standards such as WiFi-calling and Voice over LTE this means that Wexnet can create secure & open infrastructure (that can handle even mobile voice calls) in any environment.

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Deliverable no. D.2.6 ICT/Smart TV solutions
Please contact: Per Bengtsson, WEXNET, per.bengtsson.teremka@gmail.com