Updated Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) for Växjö and Kaunas

Within the framework of Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, so called “Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans” (SECAPs) are developed and reported to the Covenant secretariat. These SECAPs describe the energy and climate goals of local authorities, as well as actions to be carried out to reach them. Reports are made frequently, both on the progress of the actions, and on the overall energy and emission data.

Within task 6.6 of the READY project, Växjö and Kaunas shall update their SECAPs and report them to the Covenant, based on the learnings from the READY project. Since such learnings are not always in line with the updates of steering documents, learnings will be incorporated also in the future.

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Delivery no. D.6.7 Updated sustainable energy action plans (SEAPs) for Växjö and Kaunas. Please contact: Mr. Henrik Johansson, Växjö Municipality, henrik.johansson3@vaxjo.se