Invitation – Come and join us at the initiation of the future district heating

I hereby have the pleasure of inviting inauguration and openly house in the Machine Room on Aarhus Island on Saturday, January 11, 2020 at. 13.00-16.00 on Hjortholmsvej 2A. The engine room is a technical facility for supplying the residents of Aarhus Ø. First of all with district heating, but also with waste solutions, electricity and fiber networks.

The citizens of Aarhus and climate

At the same time, the Maskinrummet is an exhibition on the Aarhusians’ district heating, which is usually hidden underground, in engineering facilities around the municipality or hidden away in pipes under the floor and in the walls at home. Visitors get stories about district heating at home and about the green heat of district heating with new and increasingly climate-friendly technologies. They can quiz themselves for knowledge about district heating and see a garbage vacuum in operation.

On the opening day, Aarhus citizens are invited for the first time into the Maskinrummet to gain insight into the fact that their residual waste is being used to make electricity and district heating, and that their district heating today is made with biomass and no longer with coal. Last but not least, they are inaugurated in the mystery of how the engine room’s seawater heat pumps extract heat from Aarhus Bay to the Aarhus district’s district heating.

Sign up today

I hope to see you at the event and ask you to sign up the number of participants by writing to

With best regards

Bünyamin Simsek
Councilor for Technology and Environment, Aarhus Municipality