Report on energy performance of the project in close collaboration with WP7

In this report the measures implemented in Alabastern are explained. These measures are the base for BEST-SE1, BEST-SE1.1, BEST-SE 1 new extension and BEST-SE 1.1 new extension. So far most of the measures have been implemented, but still there are measures connected to the extra innovative buildings to be implemented. Especially, the installation of the PVT’s remains. The measure heat recovery from waste water has started and will be in operation in February 2020. Both measures will influence the energy production, consumption as well as efficiency. The monitoring of the first renovated buildings in phase 1 are ongoing and the preliminary results show that the target will be met. The rest of the buildings will be followed-up continuously when there is enough energy consumption data available.

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Deliverable no D.6.1 Report on energy performance of the project in close collaboraition with WP7. Please contact: Jan Johansson,, Växjö Municipality.