Innovation Management achievements report

The Open Innovation Platform (OIP), called READY-HUB was released in March 2016. It is accessible via the address or via the READY website. It includes two main functionalities – the generation of ideas and the dissemination of interesting information. The READY HUB is accessible by anyone without creating an account. But, to interact with other users, one person must sign up. Several dissemination activities were conducted to promote the platform and attract key stakeholders and citizens. Such activities included an emailing campaign, a press release, promotion on the READY twitter account and in the internal newsletter. More than three years after its release, 56 people registered. This result is not so high, because the budget remaining to animate the platform and make noise about it after creating it was very limited. Appoint a dedicated person to animate and disseminate the Open Innovation Platform was one best practice identify when developing an open innovation platform, along with Work in an agile way, Provide content as added value and Develop the platform with a community.

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