Report on energy performance of the project in close collaboration with WP7

In this report, energy performance for the READY project actions will be explained based on the separate measures implemented in Tvinnaren 4. All these measures are the base for BEST-SE3.

So far most of the measures have been implemented but still there are adjustments to make the office as good as possible for the employees. There will also be measures taken that will have impact in the energy consumption, for example insulation of the roof.

There have also been new installations that increase the energy consumption, for example the installation of charging poles for 5 electric vehicles. Since there are few submeters it is also difficult to insulate and separate the reduction/increase of energy consumption from each separate measure.

A more stable running situation might start in the autumn of 2019 and after that it would be possible to start the follow-up.

Performed measures for energy efficiency
The measures taken to decrease the energy consumption and to increase the indoor environment for the employees, are as follows:

  1. New ventilation system with heat recovery
  2. New windows with triple glazing
  3. LED lighting
  4. Combined DHC substation
  5. Conversion from compressor to district cooling
  6. Changes in internal heat load from computers and persons
  7. Roof insulation
  8. Optimisation of heat system

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