Project status and presentation per work package, november 2015


  • Deliverables ok! We have now completed the first 3 thematic workshops of WP1 (overview, buildings and district heating)
  • WP1 – See the presentation for more information
  • Important learnings is that reduction in (hot) water consumption needs to be addressed especially in Sweden. Awareness campaigns are important.
  • 9 deliverables completed


  • Kitchen grinders: Aarhus Municipality is working on commitment to this task. Deliverables (M12) will be postponed, but will be finalized this year.
  • Deliverables in progress. D.2.4.1 on kitchen solutions
  • Earlier hot water and heat was included in rent, it will now be charged directly.
  • 24 dwellings in Växjö is now complete. First monitored results are good.


  • Deliverables in progress.
  • Some postponed, as discussed before, and more deliverables with long due time.
  • T3.1: Aarhus University is compiling material for deliverables, whereas some are next month and some postponed. AIT need to deliver more and updated info on PVT system.
  • T3.2: Drafts for deliverables M12. Collaboration with Danfoss ok. Other deliverables are postponed. Agree on outlines soon and from then a couple of months to finalize deliverables.
  • T3.3: Deliverables concern ongoing AVA projects. In progress and on time. One deliverable with long due time.
  • T3.4: Deliverables ok! One (M12) on DC feasibility study and ORC/HP in progress and will be there soon. Other deliverables with long due time.
  • T3.5: Ph.D. students. Deliverables in 2 to 3 years from now.


  • Conceptual system draft designed. Agreement on design initiated right after annual assembly with follow up later.
  • Barrier: There is a need for building automation system. Agree with Ringgården/tenants on design and prizing (some buildings may not have PVT’s installed).
  • First deliverable on time. Racell will deliver.

WP 5 – See the presentation for more information

  • Major achievement: To get the READY project implemented in the organization of the municipality.
  • Absorption cooling at DNU now being implemented.
  • The area with 500 single family houses is now to be addressed and data collected and analysed in order to identify the 60 houses to proceed with.
  • The baseline ensured, as meter roll out is ongoing as we speak.
  • Mobility part is being clarified.
  • Implementation of kitchen grinders depend on feasibility.
  • Heat pump with sluce ice on the way in the harbour area (presently in design stage) – environmental approval is still pending.
  • First deliverable in M40. Focus on milestones, which is before this.

WP 6

  • T6.1: Refurbishment of phase I in progress 54 out of 90 dwelling will be ready ultimo 2015.
  • Main barriers:
  • T6.1: Decision of refurbishment of phase II in December for Växjöbostäder. For private real estate owners the tenants association can be a challenge as there is a maximum to what the rent can increase. What they can see from first negotiations the possible rent increase is far too low to cover the cost for the ambitious refurbishment according to READY-requirements.
  • T6.2: The City Hall will not be refurbished, but will be sold instead. Search for a building to replace the City Hall is ongoing.
  • T6.3: Low energy prices makes it unfeasible to invest in original described ORC. As a consequence electricity production is excluded and then the machine VEAB is discussing is more like a heat pump. District cooling of data centre will be with cascade use of 12 deg. return water from DC grid.
  • Deliverables with long due time.

WP 7

  • Nicholas will be in charge of WP7. Max will however still be a part of the project.
  • There is a need to know what to monitor soon. ECO-Life project will serve as template.
  • Suggestion to bring up monitoring for discussion on the next workshop meeting.
  • Suggestion to study the CELSIUS project and find experience from CONCERTO projects. Keep in mind that contractual ambitions vary.
  • The SCIS database is not ready yet

WP8 – See the presentation for more information

  • OIP (Open Innovation Platform) changed name to the READY Hub. Beta version launched 6th November 2015. LGI (Camille) has distributed a link to where/how to create a profile. LGI encourage to create a profile, to discuss and report bugs. The Hub will be tested internally before going public (expected end of November).
  • Reminder: Send news to LGI for Twitter. Also smaller news are very welcome. E.g. news that we had our first annual assembly or news on launching the Hub.
  • Task 8.2 market study is planned for M12 at least in draft.

WP9 – See the presentation for more information

  • Deliverables and milestones on schedule.
  • Major learning: The newsletter is a small effort with a good impact/benefit.
  • Some modifications will be introduced e.g. battery shift stations will be out of WP4 (a remain from when Better Place was in the project).
  • PFSIGN registration for all partners is almost there.
  • Amendments process is running internally, and Reto will discuss with our officer whether to report amendment before or after period reporting period and the content of the inception report.