Market Assessment for READY set of Solutions

Smart City solutions implemented in Aarhus. The READY project is based on the following main principles:

  • Resource and cost efficiency before other initiatives: resource efficiency has been selected as main priority: optimization of processes, recovery of energy/resources in all waste streams are carried out in the project.
  • Green  business  model  approach for  integrated  solutions,  products  and  services  presenting environmental benefits. The objective is to investigate replication possibilities for the solutions developed within READY and take into account the pros and cons in a lifecycle perspective.
  • Integrated  and  sustainable  planning  of  area  transformation to  go  beyond  the  Danish  and Swedish CO2-reduction objectives.·Innovative and integrated energy solutions to assess the optimal balance between individual and central system solutions to reach the goal of CO2neutral districts.
  • Piloting  hole  city  approach to  enable  the  implementation  of  the  solutions  not  only  in  the demonstration cities (Aarhus and Växjö) but the replication throughout central Europe.

With these principles in mind, the READY project has demonstrated optimised energy systems for high energy performance districts in two European cities: Aarhus (Denmark) and Växjö (Sweden). Both cities have  a  longstanding  technical  experience  in  the  field  and  have  been  frontrunners  for  years  in  the implementation  of  energy  efficiency  and  smart  city  initiatives. A  third  city  acted  as  an  observer community to learn from best practices of the project, particularly the green business model approach. The term business model has become the new reference concept when trying to strategically modify a commercial organisation or to create a new one. It is an important concept for the replication of the integrated  sustainable  solutions  tested  in  READY,  because  sustainable  solutions  suffer  from  many barriers and it is difficult for innovative companies to interact in the best ways with this market. It is also  difficult  for  cities  interested  in  sustainable  solutions  to  access  to them  and  to  benefit  from  the best technologies and services at a good cost-quality ratio.

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Deliverable no. D.8.3 Market assessment for READY set of solutions
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