Latest district heating/cooling developments and smart energy control technology of VEAB

In this report, energy performance for the READY project actions will be explain based on different indicators related to specific activities/tasks. Furthermore, the indicators are created with respect to simplification of visualisation of actions compared to the situation before the project was started.

  1. An integration between two different district cooling network have been made in Växjö, which have lower the electricity consumption by 25 percent compared to before the integration. Further, to make the DC network even more flexible a cooling tower will be installed at Sandviksverket, this will increase the capacity in the network, decrease the need of the compressor cooling capacity during the summer and enable more absorption cooling.
  2. At Alabastern in Växjö, where refurbishments of multi-family houses is taking place, a low temperature district heating system is built. Heat loss is expected to be reduced by 58 % in a low temperature district heating network compared to a traditional district heating system with traditional pipes, isolation and temperatures.
  3. A combined heating and cooling sub-station will be placed at a target office building in Växjö. Where the expected solution is one initiative and contribution to achieve the requirements of energy reduction for the whole office building.
  4. The Green Operating Center (GOP) in Växjö is progressing, an innovative cooling system with an integrated piping system is connected to the computer center to cool down the server hall with district cooling return water. Further, GOP will be designed with efficient hot and cold aisles, which makes it possible to utilize the heat from servers, which in other ways have been wasted. In this way Wexnet will reduce the PUE (Power usage effectiveness) value from 2.2 to 1.2.
  5. Smart Heat Grid technology solution is installed at Växjö Energy AB local production plant in Rottne. By utilizing this technology, Växjö Energi AB enables to balancing the production and the consumed energy in a very efficient way. By using the controlling system, the peaks in demand have been reduced, which in turn have decreased the RME oil production and reach significant energy savings.
  6. Software sensors and control equipment will enable Växjö Energi to optimize the operation of the district heating network and increase safety of district heating supply. By moving the work from distribution pumps at Sandviksverket to booster pump stations in the network, the electricity for operating the distribution pumps can be minimized. The energy is calculated to decrease by 10 %. The control system will enable automatically start and stop of booster pump stations, this will minimize energy being produced by electricity. Estimated savings of the electricity for the period September to October and April to May is 85%, which corresponds to approximately 4730 EUR*.Växjö Energi AB will be able to deliver a much safer and better product to a lower cost and increase customers satisfaction.
  7. Heat driven appliances will be one technical solutions for the special house at Alabastern, expected to decrease the electricity consumption in the building and save energy.

This deliverable is prepared as good as possible with the preliminary data that is present at this time and/or with expected energy performance for activities that are started or completed. Furthermore, this deliverable will be updated with the final energy performance at a later stage in the READY project. See table 1 for status update for each activity.

Table 1. Status update of activities

Chapter /Activity Status  Comment
1.1 Integration of the DC networks Done
1.2 Cooling tower will be installed to increase the capacity in the DC network Not started yet The design is planned to get started in the third quarter of 2017
2 Low temperature DH network Ongoing Phase 2b will start after the Easter holiday 2017
3 Combined DH and DC sub-station Ongoing Design of activity is started
4 Renovation of a computer center (Green operation center – GOP) Ongoing The renovation is ready and the final inspection is done, but GOP have no operation, since no customers have moved in with their servers yet.
5 Smart Heat Grid Done
6 Software sensors and control equipment Ongoing Planned to be finished 2018
7 Technical solutions for the special house at Alabastern Not started yet Planned to start 2018

*Currency converter: 1 SEK = 0,1051 EUR

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