Report on energy performance of the project in close collaboration with WP7

Illustration: Ecoclime

In this report, energy performance for the READY project actions will be explained based on different indicators related to specific activities/tasks. Furthermore, the indicators are created with respect to simplification of visualisation of actions compared to the situation before the project was started.

  1. Due to the drastic change in electricity price in Sweden, it is not economically viable to implement a combined ORC/heat pump solution. Other solutions for decentralized renewable energy are under investigation. Here we have a new idea, in short: To use wasted heat from a large industry producing construction equipment. The heat is surplus from the painting process and the purpose is to utilize the heat for a cooling solution. Furthermore, use absorption cooling machines to utilize wasted heat, which otherwise had been wasted.
  2. The initial task was to demonstrate one building connected to the heat recovery system but after evaluating both the extraction of heat from an installation of that size and the cost for that kind of system the result pointed towards a need for bigger energy source if the system should have any economical and practical potentials at all.  Therefore, the solution this demonstration will be based on is designed for a higher flow.

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Delivery no. D.6.3 Report on energy performance of the project in close collaboration with WP7.
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