Concepts for resource efficient homes and kitchens

This deliverable is a short report that in an easy accessible overview describes the developed IKEA equipment related solutions to minimize waste and energy consumption in kitchens. Hereunder description of LED lights as alternative to halogen bulbs, kitchen lighting that is both energy efficient, functional and stylish. Thereto comes advises on refrigerators, freezers and local recycling systems and other means to reduce waste and energy consumption.

In addition to the equipment related solutions, behavioral tips and ideas should be considered as a rather substantial share of efficiency measures can be obtained through changing normal patterns. The willingness to compromise (even if it is only a perceived compromise) is however not great, which is why it is important to address the fact that the transition does not lead to lowering of comfort or increased time consumption.

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Delivery no. D.2.4.1 Concepts for resource efficient homes and kitchens
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